We believe that our success is a direct result of our people; therefore, we are dedicated to investing in our employees and their careers.  In collaboration with all departments, our objective is to provide each member of our team with the tools (both tangible and intrinsic) required to offer continuous, exceptional service to our valued residents. Creating and maintaining training programs -- like the ones we offer through Morgan University, our corporate-wide training platform -- is imperative to the enhancement and delivery of top-quality service across our communities nationwide.  

Jessica Sachs, Vice President, Training – Corporate Office, King of Prussia

Developing a Strong
Foundation for Growth

Training does not stop once you join Morgan Properties. With an influential culture of ongoing learning and development, continuing your Morgan education is prioritized through all levels of leadership. With tuition reimbursement, continuing education credits, maintenance training videos with in-house experts, and a comprehensive new hire training program Morgan team members are set up for success with ongoing support.

We also place a high value on peer-to-peer knowledge transfer opportunities in our multi-layered Morgan Mentorship program. Mentors teach new hires and newly promoted Morgan team members about the core components of their jobs, demonstrate Morgan’s values and support their mentee’s growth through individual and group coaching sessions. Most importantly, mentors share their own unique experiences and personal tips to ​highlight the many paths to success at Morgan Properties.

Our primary focus continues to be providing all employees with the tools to effectively develop their teams and provide exceptional customer service while maintaining a high level of operational efficiency.

Join Our Team

Leadership Academy

Our exclusive Leadership Academy program provides new managers (through promotion, outside hires, acquisition, or other) with the tools and techniques to become more impactful leaders. This week-long program targets new managers within 3-6 months of their start date. New leaders will emerge with a better understanding of the critical competencies of effective leadership and an ability to lead with confidence to implement the best outcomes at Morgan Properties.

Progress in your job at Morgan Properties

Professional Development Program

Our unique Professional Development Programs provide opportunities for top-level team members to grow and develop the next level of skills to fast-track their career advancement. These extensive programs cover a wide array of topics, including leadership, financials, sales, and management at multiple levels. Whether you are new to the industry or have years of experience, we have the right series of courses with various delivery methods to get you ready for the next step in your career.